About Us

GroupHub, a health tech startup was co-founded by Allen Byerly and Kunal Mukherjee in San Francisco in 2013 to address the challenges faced by small businesses, their employees and independent brokers in the changing landscape of healthcare. GroupHub provides easy-to-use group benefits enrollment and administration for small businesses from a secure and compliant cloud platform. Our team is equipped to train insurance agents and their staff to quickly become experts and effectively manage their entire book of business using GroupHub.

Who We Are

GroupHub cofounders met in 2010 in the Redwoods of Sonoma CA on vacation. When Allen talked to Kunal about doing a startup they both agreed that the startup should evolve organically out of our passion to make a difference.

When the ACA became law, we saw the possibility of a future where Americans would not battle high premiums/deductibles/enrollment issues/claim resolution/access to information or lose immediate family from chronic illness, fully avoidable if only they had access to a doctor and checkups. We are inspired and exited to create a platform that makes health and wellness possible for all.

Meet our Team

Allen Byerly

Product Development

Built enterprise EDI integration and automation systems for Oracle, Microsoft & SAP products used for enterprise products. As a result, these systems are now in use as supply chain, distribution, and mobile delivery products deployed in every country on the planet and have been valued at over $1/2B

Kunal Mukherjee

Business Development

Program Manager for Internet Marketing and Communications for the Wells Fargo and Wachovia Bank merger. As a result, I delivered a Communication Portal that today is used by half a million or more business users. ¬†Several years of experience in the insurance industry at Fireman’s Fund Ins. Company and California State Automobile Association.

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