GroupHub CEO Allen Byerly sat on a panel called- THE TECH BUSINESS OF HEALTH at DIG South

Moderating the panel was:  Renee Dickinson Creative Services, Roper St. Francis

Renee’s Bio: I create clever, clean and concise content. I have developed content across all traditional media platforms with over a decade immersed in healthcare. | | With the explosion of digital content, I have evolved to create messaging that maximizes online success.  | | Today content is king. Video, online, collateral – let’s get started.

Participants on the panel included:

Allen Byerly – CEO, GroupHub
Allen’s Bio:  At my core, I love working on creating simple, elegant systems to solve complex problems through collaboration. I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in their lives. I love digging into these problems when there is a real need and no place has a more immediate need for this than health care: where access to the right information and the right options can become a “life and death” situation in times of need. As a software architect, lead software engineer, business consultant, and founder I am driven to create that which is transformative, novel, and brilliant. Through commitment to professionalism and excellence as a team member, individual contributor, and as a leader, I work to inspire and motivate others to express their own creativity, imagination, and vision to achieve their best as individuals and as a group. To this end I am dedicated to working collaboratively on projects that make a difference for others and in the world around us.

Ryan Adams – Senior Director, Foundations

Ryan’s Bio: I like moving things forward. I’m here to solve the $78 billion integration problem in healthcare. Specialties:
Integration strategy – for payers, providers, GPO’s, and ISVs (Independent Solution Vendors)
Provider rollout – hospitals, ambulatory centers, and physician offices
Healthcare systems – clinical (EMR), financial (Billing), and operation (MMIS) systems
Data standards – HL7, CCR/CCD, EDI, XML
Cost of ownership – management, scalability, extensibility over 3-10 year horizon

Brent Anthony – Director, Strategy & Engagement, Brasco

Brent’s Bio: Brent, Founder of BDA Health Solutions, is advising health companies on market solutions and business functions to maintain, expand and scale efficiently. He is a business consultant with over 10 years of health care experience, applying health strategies, digital technology and innovation to support shared decision making with health teams.

Shan Fowler – Director of Product Management, Marketplaces, Benefitfocus

Shan’s Bio: Shandon Fowler is the Director of Product Management for Marketplaces at Benefitfocus, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits software solutions, where he formulates, develops and deploys the company’s private exchange solutions. Benefitfocus’ development and launch of a broad spectrum of private exchange solutions has given Fowler a unique, consumer-driven perspective on the rapidly evolving benefits landscape. Previously, Fowler was a Senior Program Manager for Social Media Strategy at AOL and the Director of Online/Print Media and Publications for the Tribeca Film Festival. He’s received recognition from the Webby Awards, eHealthcare Strategy, Communication Arts, The Effie Awards, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

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