GroupHub founders profiled by Sunita Sohrabji of India West


As seen in India West


Personal experiences with health related challenges inspired GroupHub’s founders to come together to address the challenging US healthcare marketplace. They met while volunteering for community based health causes and discovered a shared commitment to health and well being.  Allen Byerly, Gabriel Roybal, Kunal Mukherjee, and Alaka Cox founded GroupHub in a garage in San Francisco, and now have a bicoastal presence with teams in NYC and San Francisco.

For CEO, Kunal Mukherjee the perils of a manual paper based process, hit home when he lost his insurance along with a group of individuals who like him, were promised a group policy rate by an independent broker. The broker who relied on paper forms, was not aware that the policy deal offered by the service provider had became invalid, because cancellations had made the group too small. The broker had no online status or real time data. It was too late when he discovered the issue.
“Indeed the name GroupHub says it all. We focus on the central hub that is the most essential part of the health insurance system. The independent broker or agent who has years of experience working with providers and carriers, understands the subtle nuances of the healthcare law and is the connector between individuals, HR Managers and health insurance providers. We want to give independent brokers the tools to automate and also meet the needs of ACA and HIPAA in 2016”, said Kunal Mukherjee, CEO.

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